Why Did Crackle Go Pop?

Jezebel linked to an “interesting” article on Monday.  The article on adage.com says that CEOs can’t figure out why sales of special effect polishes are down.  I can’t figure out why they can’t figure that out.

Honestly, how many bottles of crackle polish are you gonna go buy? I have one black one that I’ve used all of 3 times and a bottle of silver that I’ve used all of none times.

At the rate I buy new polishes, I’m never going to see the end of a lot of my bottles.  This is why nail polish thinner is a great thing.

What are your thoughts?  I don’t think nail art is dying by any means.  I think it’s being refined.  We buy less mainstream special effects polish because the indies are KILLING it on holos and thermals and glitterbombs.

I’m about to start a new manicure fueled by some Dogfish Head Burton’s Baton – it ain’t called NailTipsy for nothin’- and inspired by either my new MAC pro wear eyeliner in Mountain Air (I’d use Deborah Lippmann’s Across the Universe over OPI Fly) or my new Stila Magnificent Metallic Foil eye shadow in Dusty Rose (Nailtini in Champagne with Essie Luxe Effects in As Gold As It Gets for that one).  I splurged on makeup for my birthday.

Time to go play!



  1. They were saying that it’s mostly the larger companies like L’Oreal seeing the drop in their special effect polish sales. The main reason I see for that is their slow turn out on innovative polishes.

  2. You’re right; how many of those type of polishes do you really need? I have one that I used pretty unsuccessfully once! Plus, crackle polishes have been around for years now, and like you said, they’ve been replaced by better indie and commercial glitters and holos. Fickle stuff, this nail polish biz. 😉

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