Mani of the Sugar Plum Fairy

I’m usually pretty on top of my Christmas shopping – generally starting in October and feeling smug right about now because I don’t have to battle the malls and stores and traffic.  Not so this year.  This year I am amongst the throngs trying to decide if 50% off everything at express was actually worth the line. (No.) Since my time is limited, I wanted a quick and glam manicure to distract myself with while standing in the lines that inevitably lie before me today.

Here’s a lovely polish from Julie G’s Holiday Frosted Gum Drops in Sugar Plum Fairy.  It’s a gorgeous textured dark violet matte glitter with a light sand-like finish. The sparkle is abundant but not over the top.

Sugar Plum Fairy 2

DSC01757The formula is very nice and applied pretty smoothly for a textured polish. One coat covered nicely over a base coat, but I went with two coats for good measure. They recommend not using a top coat in order to get the full effect.  The cleanup was much easier than expected considering the color and the glitter.  It’s definitely helpful if you’ve mastered not getting any polish on your cuticles.

The collection has some really pretty colors and I definitely plan on picking up a couple of the other colors since they’re only $4. Maybe even the whole set.  An extra bottle of this color would make a good gift. Speaking of gifts, it’s time to go battle the crowds.  At least my nails will look good while I’m handing over my money!



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