Champagne Nails and Caviar Beads

Champagne Bubble Nails with Glass

With New Year’s Eve coming up, I wanted to play around with a fun look.  Here’s my attempt at making little champagne glasses with caviar bead bubbles.

I used Orly Luxe, Emori Nail Art Striping in white, and clear caviar beads placed one by one.  As you can see I tried a curved tip on my index finger. It didn’t work quite right with my square tip nails so I just scotch taped off the tips of the rest and went for a straight across look that I was pretty happy with.  The tips only have base and top coat, with the exception of the lines.


After letting gold gold dry a bit, I did the lines.  I thought I had waited long enough for the lines to dry before applying the essie no chips ahead top coat, but it looks like I should’ve waited a bit longer to avoid streaking.

Using a dotting tool with no ball, I put a teeny bit of the no chips ahead and set about applying the caviar beads individual in the essie top coat.  I chose this top coat because it’s not a quick dry and I wanted to have plenty of time to lay the beads down before going over it with seche vite.


Oh, and that’s Lone Star in that glass, not champagne.  Cheers!


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