Lingerie for Your Nails – Julep’s Boudoir Collection

If you’re a Julep Maven, you’ve likely received your January box by now.  This month Julep presented us with their Boudoir Collection.  They chose to take familiar neutral tones and put a spin on them with silk and satin finishes. They also have some lovely cremes, as well.  I got the Classic With a Twist (CWAT) box and I added on a couple of polishes. With this box, you get two polishes and a product. This month the featured product was the Ta-Da! Quick Dry Drops. I didn’t know I needed them until I had them.

January 2014 CWAT Maven Box

The first polish included with the box was Abigail.  It’s a lovely pink leaning shimmery nude that dries to Julep’s silk finish, which is essentially a matte frost.  If you’re careful, it is opaque in one coat, but I used two for good measure.  You’ll want to skip a top coat so that the silk finish comes through.  It really does remind me of a silk nighty. The formula is very nice but do be careful because, like any frost, it can show brush strokes.

Julep Abigail 1

Julep Abigail from the Boudoir Collection

Julep Abigail 2

The second polish that came in the CWAT box was Mona – a deep charcoal creme. It’s a nice formula and is opaque in two thin coats.  It had an outrageous shine when topped with Digital Flash top coat from Nail Pattern Boldness.

Mona from the Julep Boudoir Collection

Mona from the Julep Boudoir Collection

Julep Mona 2

As a Julep Maven, you get to add on other colors from the collection at super reduced prices so I chose to add on two other polishes.  First I’ll show you Hope.  Hope is a bright white satin finish polish.  It goes on a little streaky so you’ll need to do two coats on this one.  Honestly, more than one person said it looked like a professional white out job.  I felt like it was too stark at first, but it really grew on me.

Hope from the Julep Boudoir Collection

Hope from the Julep Boudoir Collection

Julep Hope 2

Finally, we have Farrah.  A gray leaning lavender frost, this was probably my favorite of the bunch.  The formula is smooth and opaque in two coats.  You do have to be a little wary of brush strokes but it’s not difficult to manage smooth lines.

Farrah 2

Farrah from the Julep Boudoir Collection

Farrah from the Julep Boudoir Collection

The Ta-Da! Quick Dry Drops were nice to have with the satin and silk finishes.  Since you can’t use a top coat, it does help to speed up the drying time a bit. And I really like the lemongrass-y scent to it.

Overall, I was pleased with this collection.  All colors from the boudoir collection are available now on Julep’s website.


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