London Calling! – SquareHue’s 01.14 Box

The weekend is finally upon us!  As we kiss the first full week of 2014 goodbye, let’s say hello to SquareHue’s January Box! This is part of the Passport Collection and this month they took us to London!

Square Hue January 2014


For those not familiar with SquareHue, they are a pretty unique company.  Each month they send out themed boxes that contain 3 .5 oz premium polishes in shades that suit not only the theme, but the season as well.  There are really so many things to love about Square Hue.  The polishes are 5-free, cruelty free, and all handcrafted right here in the USA.  I love the square bottles. What I wouldn’t give for a backwards time machine so I could’ve been subscribed since their inception in 12.12.

First up is Buckingham! This brickish red creme has a very nice formula and is opaque in two coats.  The thing that I found most amazing about all three of these polishes is just how shiny they are without a top coat.  None of these pictures have a top coat, but you can see how well they stand on their own.  Great stuff.

SH Buckingham 1

SH Buckingham 2I love this color.  It’s so different from all the other reds I have.  I tend to lean toward true reds and blue leaning reds, with the occasional vampy red.  It was nice to be pushed out of my red comfort zone.

Next up is Westminster – a white that’s so yellow leaning as to be a pale yellow. It reminds me of lemon gelato that I used to buy at a little shop a few years back. It’s opaque at three coats and can be a little streaky so just watch your brush work.

SH Westminster 1

SH Westminster 2When I finally get around to doing my white polish comparisons, this will definitely be included.  And still, look at that shine!  No top coat!  Amazing.

Last, but certainly not least, is West End.  This deep navy shimmer borders on a blurple but definitely goes on navy.  The formula is nicely opaque in two coats, the shimmer is very subtle, and the shine, again, is outrageous.

SH West End 1

SH West End 2I love this for the winter season.  It’s a great alternative to black out nails and can be worn with most any outfit and still hold its own.

A portion of the cost of monthly subscriptions goes to HueGive, SquareHue’s charitable venture.  The current focus is human trafficking, which is a cause near and dear to me.  A SquareHue subscription is $14.99/mo plus shipping (so, basically $20/mo) and you receive it the first week of the month. I have no problem handing over $20/mo for this quality from a socially conscious company.  Give it a shot!






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