Hit Polish Tribute #3 – Egyptian Goddess

Egyptian Goddess 7

I got a bit side tracked by existence and I’m behind on the tribute so we’ll make this the final Hit Polish entry.  I can’t think of a better polish to bid farewell to Hit with than Egyptian Goddess.  This polish is like a couture gown on your fingers.

Egyptian Goddess 2

Turquoise and gold hexes and circles glimmer in a sheer nude base that goes on beautifully in two coats.  The small jagged turquoise flecks add breaks from the uniformity of the glitters and give a little edge to this magically subdued stunner. Hit Polish set a very high bar for indie polishes, in my opinion.  I only have 9 bottles of Hit and every single one of them is perfection.  Again with the perfect glitter load:

Egyptian Goddess 5 Egyptian Goddess 6

Hit Polish, you will be dearly missed by me and many other polish fanatics.  Thanks for the beauty you created!

And thanks to you, dear readers, for coming back for a visit! Remember to follow @nailtipsy on twitter! I provide updates on upcoming posts and post info on polish promos and sales.  I have lots of great stuff in store for you.

Keep coming back! It works!


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