Nail Art

My First Water Marble

So here it is, in all its inconsistent pattern glory.  I watched a bunch of tutorials and boy do they make it look eaaaaaasy.  It was a lot of fun but I’m definitely not going to be on pro level for a long while.  I’m definitely going to try this some more.  I used OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Fly, and Get Cherried Away

Water Marble 2

Water Marble 1


Buttoned Up in Blurple

Buttoned Up 1

As soon as I saw Square Hue’s West End and Julep’s Charlotte together, I knew they were meant to be.  I’ve been wanting to try this manicure for a while and these are colors that would actually look cute as a little collared shirt. Here’s how I got this look!

The tools:

A tray, dotting tool, capful of acetone and brush for edge clean up, Julep Charlotte, Square Hue West End, stencil stickers

A tray, dotting tool, capful of acetone and brush for edge clean up, Julep Charlotte, Square Hue West End, stencil stickers

The stencil stickers are actually a little treat that my darling Mr. Tipsy whipped up for me in his workshop.  They’re vinyl strips to lay on the nail to create shapes and patterns and I looooooooove them! If I didn’t have these, I would have used two binder reinforcing stickers and reversed the polishes, making Charlotte the base color.

Step one was, of course, applying base coat.  Then I used the Square Hue as my base color.  Once it was COMPLETELY dry I applied one of the stencil stickers. Never attempt using adhesive stencils of any nature (binder reinforcers, scotch tape, or vinyl stickers) until your polish is absolutely, completely dry or you will end up peeling your polish up with the sticker.

Buttoned Up Stencil

Then paint the exposed tip:

Buttoned Up TIpImmediately after painting the tip, peel the sticker straight across in one motion. This avoids the possibility of the polish drying to the sticker and leaving you with a stringy mess.  After removing the stencil, I placed a few drops of Charlotte into the tray and used the dotting tool to make the buttons. Let your buttons dry as long as possible before using a top coat.

This is the final product!

Buttoned Up 2

Buttoned Up 3

Feel free to ask questions!  I always read and respond to my comments!

New Year’s Eve Mani!

Woohoo!  It’s New Year’s Eve! I’ve had a pint each of Karbach Brewery’s Fra-Gee-Lay and Deschutes Chasin’ Freshies and I’m in the celebrating mood!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t post my nails for the evening.



I used OPI Black Onyx and Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope.  My top coat is the WONDERFUL Digital Flash from Nail Pattern Boldness.  The WnW goes on really nicely and I haven’t regretted picking it up.  It’s almost half empty after a few months because it’s just so fun to throw on top of pretty much any color.

I hope everyone has a safe and spectacular New Year’s Eve and a glorious and prosperous 2014.

Thanks for your support!

Champagne Nails and Caviar Beads

Champagne Bubble Nails with Glass

With New Year’s Eve coming up, I wanted to play around with a fun look.  Here’s my attempt at making little champagne glasses with caviar bead bubbles.

I used Orly Luxe, Emori Nail Art Striping in white, and clear caviar beads placed one by one.  As you can see I tried a curved tip on my index finger. It didn’t work quite right with my square tip nails so I just scotch taped off the tips of the rest and went for a straight across look that I was pretty happy with.  The tips only have base and top coat, with the exception of the lines.


After letting gold gold dry a bit, I did the lines.  I thought I had waited long enough for the lines to dry before applying the essie no chips ahead top coat, but it looks like I should’ve waited a bit longer to avoid streaking.

Using a dotting tool with no ball, I put a teeny bit of the no chips ahead and set about applying the caviar beads individual in the essie top coat.  I chose this top coat because it’s not a quick dry and I wanted to have plenty of time to lay the beads down before going over it with seche vite.


Oh, and that’s Lone Star in that glass, not champagne.  Cheers!