Crumpet’s Tarts 52 Week Pick n Mix Challenge – Week 1

So I’ve entered into my first nail challenge and I’m glad to be doing it under the guiding eye of Debbie Crumpet.  All of the ladies in this challenge are SO inspiring so I really have to step up my game to hang with this crew. The challenge is actually in its second week so I have a little catching up to do.  Here’s what I managed to do last night with Karbach Hopadillo IPA as my creative catalyst.

This week’s prompts were teal and 2-color gradient.  I wanted to do a different take on a gradient so I did a jelly dot gradient using Zoya Frieda – a teal jelly that I’ve had around a while but never used – and Zoya Purity for the dots.  I threw in some Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope for some holo water sparkle.  I’m really pleased with how this turned out!

52WC1_Teal Jelly_4

52WC1_Teal Jelly_5

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Hit Polish Tribute Day 1 – Pennies From Heaven

Over the next week, I’ll be paying tribute to a wonderful indie polish company – Hit Polish.  It is with a heavy heart I inform you that her esty shop closed earlier this month.  However, so she is moving on to bigger and better things.  So, hooray for that!  In honor of her glitter polish brilliance, I will be posting a few of my favorites over the next few days.

Today, we look at Pennies From Heaven.  This is a beautiful rosy bronze base with gold and copper hologlitters in various shapes and sizes.

Hit PFH_1Her formulas are consistently wonderful and her glitter loads always juuuust right.

Hit PFH_2This is Mr. Tipsy’s favorite of the bunch.  What about you?  If you have any Hit Polishes, what are your favorites?

Product Review: Kiss Salon Secrets 2014 Nail Art Starter Kit

Did you all survive the holiday hullaballoo?  In the midst of all the goings on, I received a sample of the soon to be released Nail Art Starter Kit from Kiss.  They were gracious enough to honor my request for a sample for me to review on this blog.  Receipt of a sample for review does not ensure a positive review and all opinions are my own.  I’ll always let you know when I’ve received a sample directly from a company or individual for review and I will always give you my honest opinion.

Tonight’s post is brought to you by Abita Grapefruit Harvest IPA.  It’s alright.  I’ve had worse, but mostly I’ve had better.

Shall we get to the actual nail stuff now?  Yah.  I thought so.  Behold the packaging!

Kiss Packaging

Kiss Packaging Back

As you can see this comes with a decent selection of tools for beginners to nail art.  The dotting tool it comes with it has no ball on the tip so it’s really better for using to swirl for a dry marble look like this:

Dry Marble

I did this by applying a large drop of Julep’s Billie Jean, Essie Lilacism, and China Glaze Dance Baby to my pinky and using the dotting tool to swirl them.

The glitters it comes with are actually nice and fun to work with.  Here are a few examples of ways to use the glitters. This is OPI Affair in Red Square with the zebra decals and red glitter included in the kit.

Kiss Red Glitter and Stripes

I really loved the green glitter over OPI Fly.  As you can see tip wear came pretty quickly.  This is after about half a day of wear.   I still love the glitter.


Fly and Green Glitter

This was a fun little go with stars and the iridescent glitters in pink, white, and purple.

Stars and irridescent

As for the striping tape, it’s okay for making lines by peeling it up after layering another color.  For creating designs with the actual tape?  Not so much.  The edges peeled up within a couple of hours and looked AWFUL.  I couldn’t even bring myself to take a picture.  But what you WILL see in the picture below is a nail only half manicured because the area with the striping tape design actually popped off.  Not so awesome. I share the shame of my half unpolished nail with you, dear readers.  I’m not a total newb when it comes to striping tape so I did find this tape pretty disappointing because the cute pink holo color looked great with the Zoya Mason.  The addition of the decal included in the kit does make it look almost like a tiara mani.  Maybe I just invented something?!  Probably not.  /kicks dirt

Kiss Right Hand

The fan brush that comes with the kit was fun to play with.  I’d never experimented with one and quite liked the result on my thumb in the picture below. I used a side sweep motion with Julep Mia, Sparitual Running with Wolves, and Color Club Poetic Hues. The striping brush is slightly better than I’d anticipated it being. I used it for the design in the picture below using Orly Luxe and OPI Fly with crystal accents that are also included in the kit.

Kiss left hand

Finally, the total girly, Barbie nail.  China Glaze Dance Baby with flower accents and butterfly decals from the kit.

Kiss Barbie Nail

Overall I think this a fun little kit if just for the brushes and glitters alone.  The top coat is really nothing to write home about.  It doesn’t provide any real shine or protection from wear. If you’re just venturing into nail art this could be a nice way to ease into it.  The flat brush it comes with for glitter application could also be used for doing edge clean up on a manicure. The fan brush is a nice little plus in the kit. For those out there looking to get a collection foundation going, this isn’t a bad way to start.

The Kiss Salon Secrets 2014 Nail Art Starter kit will retail for $9.99 in CVS and Walgreens nationwide beginning January/February 2014.

Mani of the Sugar Plum Fairy

I’m usually pretty on top of my Christmas shopping – generally starting in October and feeling smug right about now because I don’t have to battle the malls and stores and traffic.  Not so this year.  This year I am amongst the throngs trying to decide if 50% off everything at express was actually worth the line. (No.) Since my time is limited, I wanted a quick and glam manicure to distract myself with while standing in the lines that inevitably lie before me today.

Here’s a lovely polish from Julie G’s Holiday Frosted Gum Drops in Sugar Plum Fairy.  It’s a gorgeous textured dark violet matte glitter with a light sand-like finish. The sparkle is abundant but not over the top.

Sugar Plum Fairy 2

DSC01757The formula is very nice and applied pretty smoothly for a textured polish. One coat covered nicely over a base coat, but I went with two coats for good measure. They recommend not using a top coat in order to get the full effect.  The cleanup was much easier than expected considering the color and the glitter.  It’s definitely helpful if you’ve mastered not getting any polish on your cuticles.

The collection has some really pretty colors and I definitely plan on picking up a couple of the other colors since they’re only $4. Maybe even the whole set.  An extra bottle of this color would make a good gift. Speaking of gifts, it’s time to go battle the crowds.  At least my nails will look good while I’m handing over my money!

Why Did Crackle Go Pop?

Jezebel linked to an “interesting” article on Monday.  The article on says that CEOs can’t figure out why sales of special effect polishes are down.  I can’t figure out why they can’t figure that out.

Honestly, how many bottles of crackle polish are you gonna go buy? I have one black one that I’ve used all of 3 times and a bottle of silver that I’ve used all of none times.

At the rate I buy new polishes, I’m never going to see the end of a lot of my bottles.  This is why nail polish thinner is a great thing.

What are your thoughts?  I don’t think nail art is dying by any means.  I think it’s being refined.  We buy less mainstream special effects polish because the indies are KILLING it on holos and thermals and glitterbombs.

I’m about to start a new manicure fueled by some Dogfish Head Burton’s Baton – it ain’t called NailTipsy for nothin’- and inspired by either my new MAC pro wear eyeliner in Mountain Air (I’d use Deborah Lippmann’s Across the Universe over OPI Fly) or my new Stila Magnificent Metallic Foil eye shadow in Dusty Rose (Nailtini in Champagne with Essie Luxe Effects in As Gold As It Gets for that one).  I splurged on makeup for my birthday.

Time to go play!